Regency - A Byword for Elegance and

Coming January 1, 2015


Necessary Nupitials 

       Lady Grace Endicott never would have dreamed
               she'd be ruined by a rake. But after an innocent encounter       
         with notorious scoundrel Lord Weston is misconstrued, her
        beloved sister's introduction to society
         - and her own reputation -  are put at risk. The only way to avoid a scandal is a betrothal.

      Brandon Roth - Lord Weston - doesn't quite know
what to think of his independent fiancée...or their growing 
                     friendship. Yet their engagement ruse                                 
is quickly becoming more than a temporary fix.
If he can convince Grace that his wicked ways
are now far behind him,
he'll be able to prove that he wants
nothing more than to care for the lovely lady...

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Accidental Fiancée would also be a great stocking stuffer!!
You can order it directly from Harlequin and get it before Christmas!

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