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"Mary's first-rate Regency Romance showcases a hero whose desire for redemption is greater than his need for approval. The heroine is a good moral example for the hero without being holier than thou."



I had enjoyed Mary Moore's previous titles and was looking forward to her latest release. I have to tell you that I was not disappointed at all.

In fact, I was really impressed with how quickly this book grabbed my attention and hung on to it. So much so in fact, that I stayed up until three a.m. to finish it! I have always enjoyed Georgette Heyer's Regency romances and Accidental Fiancee reminded me strongly of some of my favorites of hers, only better because I appreciated the way the heroine and her family really lived the convictions of their faith in this particular story.

Another thing I loved was the sense of humor the heroine and hero had. I smiled and laughed more than a few times reading this book. It truly is a delightful tale that I will re-read so that I can savor the quick, witty banter, the warm romance, and the leave-you-with-a-smile happy ending. This is the best, most enjoyable book I've read in a couple of months. It's definitely going on my best-of-the-year list.



"I'm in a Regency tailspin! Toe-curling satisfaction guaranteed. Lord Weston is the quintessential Regency hero. His rakish past and sarcastic humour can't hide the real gentleman that lies within. I was intrigued after the first meet but when I reached page 139 I became completely smitten. Be. Still. My. Heart.

In addition, Moore has included a moving inspirational thread that flows easily throughout the story. Nothing stilted or forced. Just pure truth and the hope of grace. Beautiful tie-in to the heroine's name.

This stunning Regency romance makes for an exhilarating read."

KavR, Canada

Christian Book


I was on a recent out-of-town trip, and I forgot to bring a book to read.

But the person I was staying with had this book sitting there, and the title and image of the beautiful woman on the front cover captured my attention. (My favorite color is green.) So I thought, why not read this?

I'm more accustomed to reading sci-fi, thrillers, and John Grisham novels - certainly not historical romance! :)

But I was pleasantly mesmerized - the story was excellent!

Kudos to Mary Moore on a great story of grace, without being too preachy.

I fell in love with Lady Grace and admired Lord Weston immensely.

Men, don't be afraid to pick up a romance novel for a change - this is a good one!

Robert H.


“Accidental Fiancee” by Mary Moore is a book I have been waiting for, since I learned that it was coming out. It seems as if when I am waiting for a book with such expectations, as I did with this book, I am let down about half the time for it turns out that it was not all that I hoped it would be. I can safely say that was not the case with this book, for it seemed to exceed all of my expectations.

All of the characters, main and secondary, are written in such a way that they seemed to be able to pull various emotions out of me, from dislike to pity, love to disdain and so much more. It is really such a rare thing for me to find a 'Love Inspired' book to have such full characters all the way around from the main right down to the very minor characters that only have an appearance for a few pages. Then there is the humor that is spread out throughout the story that really endeared both Grace and Brandon to me for I just couldn't help but laugh at them.

I truly hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did.

Janine S.


I loved this Christian historical romance by Mary Moore! I loved the dialogue between Lady Grace Endicott and Lord Weston. She is caught in a compromising situation, but she will do everything she has to in order to ensure nothing hurts her sister Lydia's introduction to society. To protect Grace's reputation, Lord Weston announces she is his betrothed. Sounds simple. Pretend to be betrothed and then break it off. But what happens when one of them is a Christian and isn't comfortable lying?

God's grace is freely given and covers our sins. Can Grace show Lord Weston that means even him? We have been given the gift of grace from God.

Accidental Fiancee is a great book with snappy dialogue, intriguing characters, and a plot that pulls you in. Lady Grace is an independent young woman set on living her life as a Christian. As she and Lord Weston get to know each other, will she find the rake is past all hope, or is there still a chance for him?

Pick up this great book today and get lost in a wonderful love story!


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