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Following Organizations and Affilations


American Christian Fiction Writers

Dedicated to grow Christian fiction that resounds with readers looking for both faith and fiction.

His Writers

A sub-section of the ACFW, His Writers focuses on European history. The writers there go from Biblical times through the Victorian era and genres vary from Midieval to Regency and everthing in between.


Romance Writers of America

Romance Writers of America is dedicated to advancing the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy.

The Beau Monde Regency Chapter

The Beau Monde is the Regency chapter of the RWA. It is a chapter that promotes romantic fiction, primarily set in the Regency period of England (1811-1820).

Faith, Hope and Love Chapter

The Inspirational chapter of the RWA. Gives encouragement to published and unpublished writers of fiction written from a Christian perspective.

Virginia Romance Writers

The Virginia chapter of the RWA. Providing the same assistance of career focused romance writers throughout the state of Virginia.

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